Year 6 Residential - Rippledown (Day 1)


Tinan - We love these pictures

Joshua K Family - Looks so nice, hope you guys enjoyed the trip.

Harriets mum - So happy she’s back 😂

Pauline Dennis - Harriet's Ouma (Grandma) - Wishing you all a safe journey home. xx

MARY DUROJAIYE - Good morning everyone, We can't wait to see guys, missed you all, Wish you safe journey back home. Taiwo N Kehinde Raheem, . Mum can't wait to see guys, Ola said the house is boring without you guys, see u soon.

Ruby family - You guys look like you're having fun

Alison Lennox - Don’t envy you the long walk back today!
Hope you’ve had a fabulous time.
One more sleep then home 😛 xx

Olympia Dumbuya - Great to see that you are all having a wonderful time and having so much fun. A big thank you to all the wonderful
teachers who are looking after you there.

Pauline Dennis - Harriet's Ouma (Grandma) - It looks as though you are all having a fabulous time. What a lot you have been doing! I look forward to hearing all about it.
Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your time there. xx

Chaniah Mom - Wow lovely swimming pool Chaniah favourite. The activities looks very exciting and I could see the children are well engaged and making most of their time. Enjoy yourself my Princess Chaniah.

Fatima Kamara - They're all looking great and happy have fun and enjoy, latoya mum miss you so much can't wait to see you home big kiss

MARY DUROJAIYE - Is good to see them having fun, it is a good experience for them too, especially the experience of being independent doing things by themselves, there,s no mummies to do things for them. Them all look fantastic. I and Ola and everyone really missed my boys Taiwo N Kehinde Raheem. Hope to see you soon.

Olubukola Taylor - Good morning, mrs morsay, thanks for all your hard work with the other team, I am very proud of you all and the lovely kids. I am so happy that the kids have been technology unfriendly for couple of days. Looking forward to see you all tomorrow. I know the jist from Lois will be for a month.
God's blessings on you all xxx

Alison Lennox - Have a fabulous time. Looks like fun is being had by all xx

Kwadwo's family - Kwadwo you look great you worked hard from nursery to year 6 and you deserve it this is the time for you to have fun with your mates we all miss you.

M Morsay - Mums, dads, family members and friends - are you there? Tell us what you think about our activities.

Jaydelles mum -Jodie - They look like they’re having so much fun xx

Olubukola Taylor - Lovely to see all your beautiful faces.

Olubukola Taylor - Great, hope they have a lovely
Lois mum

Chaniah Mom - Wow looks exciting enjoy Chaniah we love you and miss you

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