Year 2 - Great Fire of London Assembly

It’s Friday morning here at St Peter’s Primary School, which means class assembly time.

For this terms’ assembly Year 2 had retold the events that led to the ‘Great Fire of London’. We presented how the famous fire started on Sunday the 2nd of September 1666 in a baker’s (Thomas Farriner) shop on Pudding Lane. In 1666, most of London’s buildings were made from wood. They were also packed tightly together in narrow rows. This meant that they burnt very easily and quickly. The wind also helped carry the fire! Fire services never used to exist so citizens had to try and put the fire out! They used leather buckets filled with water and axes. They tried their best but were unable to battle the flames. The water used to try and put out the fire was taken from the River Thames.

We learnt that a Monument was erected to remind of of the Great Fire of London. We hope everyone who came to watch Class 2 learnt important facts about the ‘Great Fire of London’. We want to thank our parents for joining us this morning. We hope that you enjoyed the assembly as much as we did.

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