St Peter's CoE Primary School


Our Nursery


Our Nursery class is a place where children can experience a supportive and nurturing environment in which they feel safe to explore, take managed risks and challenge themselves. We have two dedicated staff who are skilled at providing varied and exciting learning opportunities to ensure all children have the best possible start to their school journey.

The Nursery class offers a vibrant and exciting approach to education based in play. We provide a stimulating environment in which children can discover and learn about the world around them through their own explorations. We have a focus on well-being and mindfulness in Nursery, and support children in learning to recognise their emotions and how to manage those emotions.

Children in the Nursery have access to all areas of the curriculum throughout the day. Learning takes place both in the classroom and in the outdoor area, where children will learn to share, care for one another and work collaboratively. We have daily adult-led groups and whole-class carpet times during which the children will be introduced to new learning and also begin to learn pre-writing and pre- reading skills.

At St. Peter's we want children to become competent and confident learners who are curious about the world around them. We recognise that every child learns in his or her own way and we endeavor to build upon the strengths, needs and interests that each child brings into our school. We want each child to feel secure and valued so they can develop confidence in themselves and form secure relationships with others. 

Our child-centred approach allows children to make choices and encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning. Investigation, creativity, reflection, exploration, communication and social interaction are all valued and promoted. Children’s contributions are sought and valued. A sense of well-being and belonging underpins everything we do. 

The Nursery curriculum is further enhanced through regular cooking activities, gardening and trips in the local area. We always welcome parental contributions too, so please let us know if you have any special talents or interests that you can share with us!