Pupil Premium

At St Peter’s we are firmly committed to ensuring that all children regardless of their background are entitled to meet their full potential both academically and pastorally. All schools receive an amount of money on an annual basis direct from the Government known as the Pupil Premium. Funding is allocated for children who are Looked after by the Local Authority (CLA) and for every child who is registered for Free School Meals.

Impact of the 2019/20 year’s expenditure

Please note that due to school closures as a result of Covid-19 much of the 2019/20 provision cannot be fully evaluated. As there were no published outcomes at any stage and summative teacher assessments did not go beyond the spring term, the usual metrics to aid evaluation are unavailable.

Funding received for the current year

The amount received for 2020/21 is £82,425 (pupil premium level per pupil is £1345)

Summary of the main barriers to achievement faced by eligible pupils:

  • Closing the academic gaps that have emerged during lockdown and school closures across the whole school
  • Attaining across the curriculum at the same level as other pupils
  • Making the same or better progress than other pupils across the curriculum
  • Social, moral, spiritual and cultural development being hindered because of lack of opportunity
  • Emotional wellbeing and development of resilience, paying particular attention to the experiences PP children had during lockdown.

How the pupil premium grant is spent to address barriers to achievement, the reasoning behind this strategy and how the impact will be measured

Date of next review of the pupil premium strategy

July 2021

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