The Governing Body works closely with the Executive Headteacher, Justin Burtt to ensure that St Peter’s is a place where children can achieve their full potential in a safe and nurturing environment.

We have many legal responsibilities as well as working hard to make sure St Peter’s continues to grow from strength to strength. We monitor children’s results to see that they are as high as possible, and we look closely at the school environment to make sure that every child receives the best possible education during their time at St Peter’s and is thoroughly prepared to go forward in their education as well-rounded children and well-formed human beings.

The Governing Body

Appointments Start Date End Date Type Business Interests
Mrs Angie Garvich (Chair) 22/06/2015 21/06/2019 Foundation None
Rev Andrew Moughtin-Mumby (Vice Chair) 01/09/2010 Foundation None
Ms Aisha Clarkson 11/09/2014 10/09/2018 Foundation None
Ms Bett Llewelyn 10/07/2013 09/07/2017 Foundation None
Mr John McCracken 30/01/2016 29/01/2020 Foundation None
Mr Aslom Shaha 15/01/2017 14/01/2021 Staff None
Mr John Olatunji 15/02/2013 14/02/2017 Foundation None
Mrs Doris Osei 01/12/2015 01/12/2019 Parent Governor None
Father Michael Robinson 01/11/16 01/11/20 Foundation None
Justin Burtt     Executive Headteacher  


Committee Meetings 2016-2017

Resources Committee

  • Mr Justin Burtt – Executive Headteacher
  • Mr Aslom Shaha – Teaching Assistant
  • Mr John Olatunji – Foundation Governor
  • Ms Bett Llewelyn – Foundation Governor
  • Mrs Angie Garvich – Foundation Governor

Admissions Committee

  • Mr Justin Burtt – Executive Headteacher
  • Mr Aslom Shaha – Teaching Assistant
  • Rev Andrew Moughtin-Mumby – Foundation Governor

Achievement & Pastoral Care Committee

  • Mr John McCracken – Chair
  • Mr Justin Burtt – Executive Headteacher
  • Mrs Aisha Clarkson – Foundation Governor
  • Doris Osei – Parent Governor

Core Group

  • Mr John McCracken – Foundation Governor
  • Mr Justin Burtt – Executive Headteacher
  • Ms Bett Llewelyn – Foundation Governor

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