Enterprise Fortnight 2019

The aim of the Enterprise Fortnight was to develop the children’s knowledge of business enterprise, understanding of different types of trade, expenses incurred whilst running a business i.e. designing and making products, and the importance of marketing with a view to make them become more enterprising.

In preparation for the event, the children had the opportunity to work with individuals from different business sectors who visited the school to learn about how to start a business.

The children then had business discussions with their class mates to plan their own business of service. They then presented their ideas to the schools very own ‘Dragons Den’ to receive a budget of £10.00, with a remit of designing, advertising and making a product that can be marketed for sale, to members of the school community.

Maths Hat Parade

To end the occasion, the children had a Maths Hat Parade to raise awareness of the importance of Maths in their life.

Business Plans

  • Early Years: Christmas Cards - £2 or donations
  • Year 1: Santa’s Special - 50p each
  • Year 2: Shimmering Shapes of Wonder - £1 each
  • Year 3: 3 Rocks Cup Cakes - £1 each
  • Year 4: Reindeer Hot Chocolate - £1 each
  • Year 5: Delicious Decors   -   £1 each
  • Year 6: Tattoos - 50p and Candy Canes - 50p

Enterprise Sales took place on Friday 29th November 2019 in the school market place (hall). During the afternoon the children were able to showcase their work and had the opportunity to sell the products that they had created.

It was a fantastic afternoon and we were overwhelmed by the support we received from the local community.

Amazingly, the children raised a staggering amount of £300.00 profit.

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