Ash Wednesday 2018

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. Lent is a special time for us, as it is the time before Easter, when Christians are thinking about how they can improve their behaviour. We also think about the things Jesus did for us.

On Ash Wednesday we went to the Church to reflect upon things we want to change and things we want to ‘give up’ during Lent. Father Michael talked about giving up luxuries and trying to resist temptation while practising self-discipline. This was a special service to repent. We went to church to admit the things we have done wrong and to ask God for forgiveness. During the special service, a special cross was drawn on our head using ashes. We believe that the ashes are a symbol of being sorry for things we have done wrong. We also believe that having a cross drawn on our head with ash, shows our commitment to God and Jesus Christ.


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