Action Against Climate Change March

We are very proud of St Peter’s children peacefully and joyously marching the streets of Walworth this sunny Friday afternoon to get their message about climate change across to the local community. We are pleased that many families joined in the march to support their children. Many local residents stopping to comment favourably on the pupils’ march. One member of the public remarked’ how good it is that the whole school is recognising such an important global issue.’

St Peter’s Primary and Early years have been learning about climate change and its effect on the world. Key Stage 2 have been listening to and Greta Thurnberg's speech and giving their own views about climate change. The school has also been focusing on Education for Global Citizenship and this has been embedded in our teaching and learning. School Council are going to be our champion for change and once elected, will be thinking about what part St Peter's can play in our local community to ensure we do our bit to make our community a better and safer place in which we can all live in harmony with nature.

We are taking part to show how seriously, we take, as a whole school the global climate crisis which we face today. Children are often much more able to make decisions at face-value, rather than we adults who seem to love debating, and questioning and leaving real change for tomorrow.

St Peter’s Primary pupils hold Walworth “climate stomp” - Southwark News

One-hundred-and-fifty pupils from St Peter’s Primary School in Walworth took part in a “climate stomp” on Friday, joining thousands across the UK lobbying for action on climate change.

As the pupils couldn’t go all the way to Downing Street, they decided to “stomp” from Liverpool Grove back to the School via Portland Street, Browning Street and Walworth Road.



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