• In writing we aim to develop the children’s independence, stamina, technical accuracy and creativity. Through using the “Literary curriculum” at KS1 and 2 we provide complete coverage of all National Curriculum expectations for writing composition, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary, as well as coverage of spelling, phonics and reading comprehension. Children purposefully apply their writing skills within a wide variety of written outcomes. We give them frequent opportunities to take ownership of their which also develops their creativity.
  • All unit plans for other subjects contain writing opportunities that link so that children are writing widely across the curriculum.
  • We follow the letter join scheme and our aim is to have all children using cursive (“joined up”) writing by Year 3. Handwriting is practised daily. Children use lined paper and handwriting pens from Year 2 upwards.
  • We teach children to spell using a range of strategies. We pay attention to sounds, pattern and shape, as well as encouraging the child to develop observation and memory. Children have to be given the opportunity to explore and “have a go” with spelling. They must also become accurate, so that spelling is an automatic activity. Children may be asked to learn spellings within the same word family or pattern of words, or to learn specific words that are often misspelled in their work. KS2 children will look at the origins of some English words.
  • We teach pupils to spell using various schemes, the National Curriculum spelling appendices, Letters and Sounds Phonics and pupils own words. We use the “look, Cover, Write, Check” support technique to perfect the spelling of words that the children are learning.

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