• The greatest possible emphasis is placed on reading. The ability to read with understanding and enjoyment is of prime importance. Children learn to read through experiencing a wide range of books and through direct teaching of synthetic phonics.
  • The foundations of reading are started in the Early Years where we use an inclusive and carefully researched reading programme which focuses on the teaching of synthetic phonics (letters and sounds). Children learn to decode and read for meaning alongside practising letter formation and spelling.
  • Children’s love and understanding of reading is developed through our use of the Literary Curriculum at Key Stage 1 and 2. The Literary Curriculum is a complete, thematic approach to the teaching of primary English that places children’s literature at its core. From Year 1 upwards we use whole class reading session where the children are introduced to a variety of different authors.
  • All unit plans for other subjects contain reading opportunities that link so that children are reading widely across the curriculum.

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