In St Peter’s school, all aspects of Literacy are taught because every pupil has a statutory entitlement to be engaged with the programmes of study for English in the National Curriculum. We also believe the development of knowledge, skills and concepts across the whole spectrum of English to be essential because of their:

  • crucial importance in the child’s social, emotional and intellectual development;
  • unique position as the essential learning tools both in and out of school;
  • status as communication skills for life;
  • potential for personal enrichment through facilitating access to texts, providing pleasure or information;
  • worth of study and critical analysis in their own right.

Scope of the Subject

The essential principle of English teaching is to help pupils to use language in an appropriate manner for a variety of purposes, audiences and situations to maximum potential benefit. It encompasses the enjoyment and critical study of literature. As a school, we strive to ensure that our children become literate members of society.

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