Curriculum Impact

How do we know what pupils have learnt and how well have they learnt it?

The most significant form of evidence of what pupils have learned and how well they have learned is contained within vibrant, creative and detailed work done in exercise books. However, there are a number of additional strategies that we use to answer this question:

Feedback and Marking – we apply our policy rigorously to all children’s work. Please see the policy for further details as to how we mark and give feedback.

Metacognition – children are expected to reflect on their own learning and that of their peers. They regularly self assess and give each other feedback on their learning.

Unit plan assessment criteria – at the end of each unit we assess the children’s acquisition of knowledge and skills using clear, straightforward criteria. The assessments are based on scrutiny of children’s work, observations of children’s learning in lessons and other strategies such as simple to administer quizzes. This enables us to track progress over time across the whole curriculum.

Moderated assessments – all middle leaders moderate teacher assessments at the end of each unit by scrutinising a representative sample of books in their area.

Book scrutiny – senior leaders and middle leaders scrutinise books every half term using a clear set of criteria that focus on policy compliance, impact of marking and feedback, standards of presentation, progress across time and overall strengths and areas for development.

Pupil interviews – on a half termly basis, middle and senior leaders conference a representative sample of children in each class with their books about their attitudes towards learning, and how they view their own learning.

Monitoring evaluation and review – all teaching and learning is subject to rigorous and frequent MER from SLT throughout the year. This is used to inform standards of teaching and learning, to identify talents and abilities, to inform ongoing CPD for teachers and to help teachers develop their practise.

Summative assessments – all teachers assess children’s achievements in reading, writing and maths every half term using the Southwark LA STAR system. Children are assessed as emerging, developing or secure within their year group curriculum. We also complete the statutory assessments at the end of EYFS, Y1 phonics, KS1 Tas, Y4 multiplication tables check and KS2 SATs.

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