• From 2014 Computing replaced what was previously known as ICT. Computing is divided into three areas of learning; Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Information Technology.
  • Computer Science focuses on teaching children about algorithms and coding. Digital literacy uses tools, devices, apps, pictures, moving images and sound which children learn to manipulate and structure to create narrative. Information Technology teaches children to use the commonly uses computer programs they might encounter in the world of work.
  • We encourage children to share the skills they have acquired outside of school in what is a rapidly changing world technologically. We also encourage them to consider e-safety and every child is expected to sign an e-safety agreement which states that they will follow safe internet usage guidelines. Please refer to the e-safety section on our homepage.
  • Children at St Peter’s follow a progressive scheme of work designed to build on their computer skills, understanding of digital content and importantly the role of online safety.
  • Children have access to Google chrome notebooks and IPads.

Curriculum Overview


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