Teaching Staff

Courtney McKenna - EYFS Teacher
Debbie Webb - Early Years Practitioner
Jusna Khanom - Teaching Assistant (Monday – Wednesday)
Julie Chesney - Teaching Assistant (Wednesday – Friday)

Home Learning


Topic: Seeds and growth (linked to The Tiny Seed book by Eric Carle).

Ideas at home:

  • Find seeds in fruit/vegetables. Count them, draw them, write about them.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt in the back yard for sticks to make a bird's nest, flowers to draw, seeds or pebbles to count, 4-leaf clovers
  • Use different fruit/vegetables to make stamps and paint with (broccoli makes for great blossom trees!) ​
  • Grow some seeds in a pot using cotton wool balls. Watch them grow and keep a daily diary with drawings, writing, or photos.
  • Use the newspaper/catalogues (posted through mail-boxes or pick up at Tescos, etc) to cut and paste tricky words, your name, words relating to Spring (seeds, growing, flower, sun, butterfly, garden, clouds, plants, leaves, sunshine, birds, digging, watering, planting, etc).
  • Write, draw, paint your own version of The Tiny Seed.

We are also focusing on money and clocks in Maths, so any exposure to coins, notes, analogue/digital clocks around the house would be great! You can count/add coins, use them for etchings with crayons or pencils, draw them.

Clocks are in a lot of places these days; watches, phones, microwaves, on tablet/computer screens, in kitchens, alarm clocks, etc. Talk with your children/child about the numbers and the hands. Discuss time throughout the day - morning routines, when lunch is, what time is tea, what is the bedtime routine, etc.

Curriculum Overview

Creative Topic - Spring 1 2019

Reception News & Letters

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We hope you are all keeping well, safe and are looking after yourselves and each other. The teachers from both schools have been contacting you and your children by phone this week. We hope you have found the contact helpful and reassuring.

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On behalf of the staff of both Friars and St Peter's we hope you are all well and are able to keep safe and healthy in these unprecedented times. Schools are still closed except for a small minority of children of key workers who cannot be cared for...

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