St Peter's CoE Primary School

Year 5

Our learning environment is a positive place in which we are able to learn, make mistakes and learn from them through constructive feedback from our teachers and Support Staff. Our curriculum is diverse, and where necessary, reflects our backgrounds, ethnicity and race. 

Our English curriculum privides us with opportunities to read a range of texts from other cultures in addition to those that raise issues on environmental and social issues. Azzi In Between – tells a story about a family fleeing their war torn home to seek refuge in a safe country; Little Leaders – Bold Women in Black History – celebrates the achievements of inspirational and exceptional Black Women across the world. We explore thematic poems especially those that raise issues – I know why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya and some on Climate Change like The River’s Story by Brian Patten, Angelou and Saved? by C J Fenton.

We teach and learn through a text approach which means pupils are provided with and exposed to a range of writing opportunities across genres, by reading ‘One Text’ at a time. The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell Boyce and Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo are right here and now stories that will help pupils develop empathy and emotional literacy as they consider characters and their experiences.

Teaching and learning in Maths continue to build on and consolidate prior learning in all areas across the Mathematics curriculum and ensure pupils have opportunities to apply what they learn in reasoning and problem solving activities. We follow the Southwark and White Rose Schemes of learning. This includes place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, shape and space, measurement and statistics – for this Autumn term. 

Pupils have studied the Earth and Beyond in Science and developed their natural curiosity as they learnt about work and discover why science matters in the world. The pupils’ experience in Science lessons this term has enabled them to increase their overall understanding and retain information better through planned investigative activities.

Through the History curriculum, pupils have strengthened their understanding of World War 2 and more importantly the Battle of Britain as a turning point in British history. In the process, they have considered the importance of studying history and the reliability of different sources of history including biased reporting and anachronism. Geography lessons are developing pupils’ understanding of maps, locations in addition to the physical and human aspects of geography. Pupils continue to develop their research and analytical skills through critical thinking, reading and writing.

As a Faith school, RE is one of our core subjects which allows pupils to consider questions about the meaning and purpose of their lives through the study of various religions – primarily – Christianity. Pupils explore their own identities, values and beliefs and concepts such as those related to our school’s values – Respect, Peace, Hope, Love, Trust and Joy.This is further enhanced through the study of Philosophy For Pupils (P4C) in which pupils explore Big Questions, challenge prejudices and stereotypes, conscious and unconscious biases in open discussions in relation aspects of social exclusion and reinforce the British Values.

We continue to develop our creative skills through ART where we have used various skills such as the hatching technique, explored the effect of light on drawings and are beginning to produce accurate drawings. This term, we will be designing and making bread having researched, sampled and evaluated different types especially the Warburton’s brand. 

We have also read about the history of music and have been able to appraise a few. Our Spanish lessons have taught us to count, learn basic conversations, colours, days of the week, months of the year and names of some animals. PE lessons have helped us to be active whilst working together in invasive sports.

We look forward to Friday social afternoons where we enjoy playing board games, work cooperatively and learn how to celebrate winning and accept losing a game – all part of the learning process.

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