St Peter's CoE Primary School

Year 4

Although not traditionally viewed as such, Year 4 is often a transitional year for students, as they become more accustomed to the expectations of KS2 and further grow in maturity, confidence and independence.

In Year 4, we strive to equip children with the tools necessary to succeed, not only in their latter primary schooling but for many years to come. These tools include a greater fluency in reading and writing, a secure foundational knowledge in mathematics and the invaluable ability to reason, problem-solve and think critically. This is achieved through an engaging, inclusive and varied curriculum, which develops their competence in both core and foundational subjects and where children take a significant role in their learning journey.

In our classroom, the children are mathematicians, scientists, artists, authors, historians, musicians and much more - all whilst (hopefully) having a great deal of fun!

2022 23 y4 ltp .pdf


2023 2024 y4 timetable.pdf