St Peter's CoE Primary School

Year 2

Year 2 is an exciting and fun year where learning is centred around meaningful and engaging experiences. Children are challenged and supported to achieve their full potential. They enjoy different hands-on activities that develop their curiosity, critical thinking and creativity.

In English, children are exposed to a wide variety of quality literature which they then use as inspiration for their own writing. They become familiar with different text types and grow to become more confident, independent writers. They have the opportunity to read different fiction and non-fiction books which develops their fluency and reading comprehension skills.

In Maths, they build upon what they have learnt in Year 1 using concrete resources and pictorial representations to develop a deeper understanding of abstract concepts. They become more confident using mental maths strategies to solve arithmetic questions. There is a strong emphasis on developing their problem solving and reasoning skills. 

In all subjects, children are encouraged to explore the world around them by closely observing and participating in purposeful experiences. We went back in time during our Great Fire of London Day and will get up close and personal with different animals during our trip to the Horniman Museum. We also learn about many different famous and local artists that inspire us to see the world through different perspectives. 

2023 2024 spw year 2 ltp .pdf


2023 2024 year 2 class timetable.pdf