St Peter's CoE Primary School

Pupil Voice

School Council


What is Pupil Voice?

Alongside the academic and creative learning, we want our children to be happy while with us and to develop a ‘wellbeing’ and ‘resilience’ toolkit to take them on into adolescence and adulthood. When the children and adults of St. Peter's Church of England Primary School use the term ‘Pupil Voice,’ we are talking about the contribution, participation and influence that our pupils have in school.   


We are a rights respecting school, committed to raising academic and creative learning, where pupils all feel confident, and they are encouraged to use their voice. As a school we are focusing on raising Pupil Voice so that we increase pupil engagement, improve relationships between pupils and adults working in St. Peters, promote better communication between pupils and the school, and foster the right conditions so the school community becomes a learning community. 


School Council is one aspect of Pupil Voice  that we are promoting and developing. Our School Council is made up of 12 representatives; two from each year group,  year 1 to Year 6 . The aims are of the school council are as  follows: 


  • To give children the opportunity to be active participants in factors that affect their learning environment
  • To make sure that children have a place to voice their concerns. 
  • To value the contributions of pupils and  encourage all children in the school to suggest improvements. 
  • To make sure any suggestions or concerns are listened to and acted upon. 
  • Give children the opportunity to  see that their views and opinions are important and valued. 
  • Helps children to understand the democratic process by giving everyone an opportunity to share their views and to take part in votes to help make decisions.
  • Children see themselves as active members of the school community working towards creating  positive change.
  • Children are aware of their rights and  see St. Peter’s Church of England Primary  school,  creating opportunities for them  to experience these rights in meaningful ways.


Our School Council is a part of our school community, please ask your child about the School Council and what we are doing.

David James - Pupil Voice Lead