St Peter's CoE Primary School

Pupil Voice

2021-2022 School Council

At St Peter’s, our Pupil Voice is about encouraging the participation of every child in KS1 and KS2 by giving them an opportunity to play an important part in decisions that affect their well-being and  learning - one that is reflective of the school’s diversity. As the pupils are the key stakeholders, it is necessary that the quality of learning and the environment they experience is reflective of who they are and crucial to their well-being, development and attainment across the curriculum. Accordingly, listening to their voices helps to shape and develop what they learn and experience in school. It also helps pupils become active and articulate individuals as they influence what goes on in their school community.

All pupils in KS1 and KS2, not just a selection of more confident and articulate ones, will be supported in making their voices heard. This will ensure better staff and pupil relationships, reflective policies and procedures which focus on the real needs of pupils.