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  • 25/09 Welcome Wednesday
  • 25/09 Year 5 - Londinium Walk
  • 27/09 School Council Electons and electons for Head Boy and Girl
  • 27/09 09:00 PTA Meeting
  • 01/10 Start of Black History Month
  • 04/10 Year 5 Class Assembly

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We are very proud of St Peter's children peacefully and joyously marching the streets of Walworth this sunny Friday afternoon to get their message about climate change across to the local community. -

STPetersSE17 | 2 days ago

The PTA meeting scheduled for 19/09 has been moved to 27/09 at 09:00 so that all elected members are able to attend. We welcome everyone to the meeting to start thinking about ways of supporting the school.

STPetersSE17 | 6 days ago

Newsletter - 13th September 2019 - A very warm welcome back to all our pupils, parents, carers and staff. I hope that you have had an enjoyable, peaceful summer and your child is feeling refreshed, excited and ready for the new school year... -

STPetersSE17 | a week ago

Voting for Chair of the St Peter's PTA for the school year 2019-20 is open now. Please vote and return to the school office by 13th September... -

STPetersSE17 | 2 weeks ago

Early Years - Please check your child is up to date with their routine vaccinations before they start school in September 2019 -

STPetersSE17 | 3 weeks ago

This Sunday, 1st September, we're blessing the things we use and wear for work at home as parents and carers, as children at school, as adults working in the workplace, as young people going to college or uni...! -

STPetersSE17 | 3 weeks ago

School is open for children on Wednesday 4th September. We look forward to seeing all children and families old and new!

STPetersSE17 | 3 weeks ago

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