Dear Parent/Guardian,

On Monday 18th September we’re inviting all pupils to take part in ‘The School Stomp’, a sponsored walk around our local area in aid of the charity Health Poverty Action to raise money to strengthen poor and marginalised people in their struggle for health. The walk is open to all and seeks to encourage pupils to think about the health challenges people face around the world, whilst taking part in an activity which is good for their health.

Along with children from across the UK, our school will be ‘stomping’ and raising money to help ensure these children receive the essential healthcare and opportunities they deserve.

We will ask each child to bring in £1 to participate in the walk. The money will then be collected by the school and donated to Health Poverty Action. 96p in every £1 donated to Health Poverty Action goes towards their work overseas.

This will be an amazing opportunity for your children to have lots of ‘healthy fun’ whilst making a big difference to the health of children in some of the world’s poorest countries.

We are lucky to have an ex pupil – Billy Salami who has been working with Health Poverty Action to lead our school stomp. Please come and stomp with us next week between 10 and 1045 a.m. We will leave school at 10a.m

For more information please speak to your child’s teacher or visit