Pupil Premium 2012/2013


Pupil Premium 2012 2013

St. Peter’s CE School receives a Pupil Premium Grant for each child who is entitled to receive Free School Meals or who has been entitled over the last six years and for any Looked after Children or children who have parents serving in the armed forces.

We are required to publish online information about how we have used the premium.

If your child is eligible for free school meals because of your family income level, please contact the office (in confidence) to register them. Even if they have a free healthy lunch or you do not want them to have a school meal please register as this would mean that the school could claim Pupil Premium funding that may be used to support your child.

St Peter’s Pupil Premium Grant for 2012 to 2013
was £48,000.

The Governing Body of the school has decided that this grant should be spent as follows:

2011 – 2012.

Last year, the only change to the way the pupil premium grant was spent was the PT Qt working in year 6 for literacy and this year we have a FT TA ( who is actually a QT) working in year 3 with targeted groups especially SA+ pupils IMPACT 2013 Use of PPCostAimImpact

Additional P/T qualified and experienced teacher to support vulnerable children in year 6 –English£26,674LAST YEAR: Summer term 2012

English= 95% 2 levels of progress

English L4+ = 90%

Increase in English L5= 33%Summer 2013( changes to reporting in English)

Reading – 92% L4+

Writing – 76% L4+

Maths – 80% L4+

Grammar = 80% L4+Additional F/T qualified teacher (TA position) to support vulnerable children in year 3 – SA+ main focus£26,674Additional staff member to support vulnerable groups due to wide range of pupil needs and highest % of SENImpact for Summer term 2013- higher than previous year

Reading – 4.1 APS (18 av PS)

Writing – 3.6 APS (16.9 av PS)

Maths – 3.6 APS (17.1 av PS)Kids Company trained Therapists to be on site to support vulnerable children and families with confidential and weekly counselling and pastoral support£7,500Improvement in pupil behaviour in class, around school. Better partnership with home and school, increased motivation and attitude to learning and school( see feedback from therapists)Fund extra curricular enrichment opportunities

•  KS1 sport/dance club
•  KS2 dance club
•  Brass Band club
•  KS2 Football club

£3,420Dance and music has really helped to raise pupils’ self esteem and so this has had a positive effect on learning in the classroom.

It has also strengthened home school partnerships as children have more opportunities to perform to a wider audienceSee club feedback sheets from pupils, staff and parentsPurchase an online Maths programme (Mathsletics) for all children from YR to Y6 to enhance motivation and learning in Number skills beyond the school day£700 a year


Motivation for maths – engagement with school- certificates, praise assembly, rewards, parents can support children at home with safe education on lineNearly all children receiving 2 or more certificate of achievement. Positive feedback from parents, staff and pupilsExperienced TA to deliver specialist Maths intervention to targeted groups of children in KS1 and LKS2 – 1 st Class Number£6,340Started September 2012 – aim is to support raising attainment in maths at KS1.

Across KS1 standards have been raised and progress overall is Good


Y1 – 3.9 APS progress over a year ( 10.5 av PS)

Y2 – 5.8 APS progress over a year (15 av PS)Speech Bubble – 24 week speech and Language drama course for KS1 targeted pupils led by Learning Mentor and Senco£1300 per yearStarted September 2012 – aim is to help children build up a repertoire of vocabulary and language, give them the confidence to speak in front of a smaller group through lots of repetition and story telling.

Impact can already be seen in pupils during class lessons and assembly. More confidence and increased vocabulary applied in class/group settings. PROGRESS made in literacy overall is Good

Reading :

Y1 – 4.2 APS progress and 10.3 av PS

Y2 – 5.4 APS progress and 15.2 av PS


Y1 – 4.1 APS progress and 10.2 av PS

Y2 – 5.3 APS progress and 14.3 av PS

Coach for annual KS2 residential trip

Breakfast Club£2,066This subsidises part of the overall costs for pupils who are entitled to FSM

Work with families to target children on FSM to have breakfast club at a subsidised cost or free especially to those who need support with punctualityAttendance data for targeted pupils increased with consistency Total = £48,000Overall Impact on Narrowing the gap:

English KS2 expected progress (L4) WS: 95% PP : 100%

Maths KS2 expected progress (L4) WS: 85% PP : 70%


Next Steps

•  Narrow the gap in performance between Pupil Premium and non-Pupil Premium children in Maths (and those achieving higher than expected progress in English)
•  Continue to allocate resources according to need led by on-going assessment data

Pupil Premium Allocation for 2013 – 2014 has increased to £70,200 (please see separate allocation summary for 2013- 2014)