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Prom Night 2017

Summer Fayre 2017

Splash 2017

Art Gallery 2017

Sports Day 2017

Sports for Schools

Smart Savers 2017

Red Nose Day 2017

Science Week

WBD Assembly 2017

Nursery WBD 2017

Drop & Read 2017

Panto 2016

CIN 2016

Lets get cooking

Mendhi Painting

Tie Dyeing

Year 5 Assembly

Yera 6 Cake Sale

Summer Fair 16

Sports Day 2016

Hop Farm 2016

Art Expo 2016

Pentecost 2016

Yr5 Assembly

Yr4 Egypt

Yr3 Cinderella

Tea Party 2016

British Museum

Book Day Dressup

Building work

PE at St Peter's

The Riot Act

Ash Wednesday

Trumpet class

Yr1 Assembly

Faith team 2016

Pantomime 2015

CIN Cake Sale

CIN 2015

World Week Food

World Week Art


Election Day 2015

Peter and Jeremy

Year 5 Assembly

Year 3 Assembly

Yr6 Celebrations

Art Week 2015

Hindleap day 3

School Disco 2015

Kidz Fit

Nursery Art

Science Week 2015

Year 4 Cake Sale

London's Burning

Red Nose Day 2015

Yr1 Assembly

Book Week

Music - Violin

xmas dinner 2014

Harvest Festival

School Council

Reception Dance

Nursery Rhymes

New Kitchen

Kitchen Blessing

Fruit Salad

Faith team 2013

Easter Parade