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09Oct 2015

As part of our School Council elections day, we were lucky enough to have some very special visitors from Southwark Council who spent the morning visiting classrooms to talk about voting and why it is important to vote. Peter and Jeremy are key people at Southwark Council as they look after the “electoral register”, which […]

09Oct 2015

On Thursday 8th October the Roman invaded our Assembly Hall! Well, not quite. Our year four children presented an amazing assembly entitled “The Romans in Britain”. We learnt all about the vast Roman Empire, how they dressed, Roman laws and customs, Roman food and we also learnt about their time in Britain and their battles […]

05Oct 2015

Dear Parent / Carer, We currently have a vacancy for a parent governor which we hope to fill as soon as possible. St Peter’s Primary School has always aimed to work in close partnership with parents, for the benefit of all our children. One of the most significant ways a parent can help the school […]

02Oct 2015

Ancient Greece It was year fives assembly today at St Peter’s Primary School, and parents, carers and pupils alike were taken back in time to Ancient Greece. The children told us about many things that they have been learning about the Greeks and their culture. We learnt about Greek food, the Greek Gods, the Greek […]

27Sep 2015

At Assembly on Friday 25th September 2015, St Peter’s Primary School and parents were treated to a fantastic assembly by our year six pupils. The children told us all about what they have been learning about so far this term for the topic “Our World”. We were treated to some poetry reading, a short play and […]

18Sep 2015

Respect For our first assembly of the term, the year three class discussed our current value, respect. The class talked about the meaning of respect, why we should be respectful, and how they individually show respect to others both at home and at School. One of the most important elements of the discussion was understanding […]

18Sep 2015

The value for this new term at St Peter’s Primary School, Walworth is “Respect”. The children will all be reflecting on the value respect this term; understanding how it can affect others and themselves. Respect is respecting your elders, respecting your peers, respecting your friends and colleagues, and of course in respecting yourselves. Being able […]

11Sep 2015

On Wednesday 9th September 2015 Great Britain celebrated an amazing achievement as Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning Monarch having now been on the throne for over 63 years. The entire nation was in celebration on Wednesday including St Peter’s Primary School and St Peter’s Church, Walworth where the whole school and parents joined Father Andrew […]

07Sep 2015

On Wednesday 9th September 2015 St Peter’s Primary School will be celebrating along with the whole country as our Queen becomes the longest reigning British Monarch. Throughout the day the children will be making crowns, robes and crown jewels, which will be on show in St Peter’s Church during our special Mass taking place from […]

07Sep 2015

On Sunday 13th September 2015 our very own Father Alan of St Peter’s Church will receive a great honor as he will become an honorary canon. The new Honorary Canons will be installed at Southwark Cathedral during Choral Evensong at 3pm on Sunday 13 September 2015. Bishop Christopher says, ‘I am delighted that these gifted […]